Preeceville dancers bring home medals from Wadena competition

Members of the Studio Dance One Club in Preeceville brought home numerous medals from the Wadena Dance Kraze competition on March 9 and 10, "All the dancers did really well, showed great talent and we are very proud of each and every one," said Shauna Walters, Preeceville dance group organizer.

Sarah Masko, Claire Masko, Peyton Lisoway and Carly Rae Walker won ballet bronze medals for their performance to How far I'll go.

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Maggie Bartel, Paje Reynolds Addison Danielson and Emerson Strykowski won bronze and danced to Chopin.

Kaleigh Meberg and Anebeth Bartel performed a ballet to How far I'll go and won gold. 

Karley Buchinski, Savannah Neilson, Anebeth Bartel, Morgan Olson, Bryanna Hartl. Peyton Lisoway, Chloe Bourassa and Emerson Strykowski performed hip hop accompanied by teacher Hannah Gerbrandt.

Carly Rae Walker, Peyton Lisoway, Claire Masko and Addison Danielson performed a jazz to No Excuses.

Macey Mitchell, Anebeth Bartel, Jenna Anaka, Chloe Bourassa, Kacey Heskin and Mackenna Firman performed a jazz danced to Me Too.

Blakley Firman, Kaleigh Meberg and Macy Balawyder received gold for their performance to, I Want You Back.

Mia Mitchell and Katryna Englot received gold for their jazz performance.

Alexis Firman, Emerson Strykowski, Maggie Bartel and Addison Danielson received a gold for their jazz danced to, Uptown Funk.

Emerson Strykowski, Paje Reynolds, Jenna Anaka, Maggie Bartel, Saphira Anaka, Alexis Firman and Addison Danielson won gold for their tap dance to, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.

Hannah Gerbrandt and Danielle Couto won gold for their lyrical teacher dance.

Saphira Anaka and Kacey Heskin. received a bronze for their tap duet.

Katryna Englot. Mia Mitchell and Hannah Gerbrandt received silver for their tap trio dance.

Claire Masko, Bryanna Hartl, Carly Rae Walker, Savannah Neilson, Trenley Nelson. Macey Mitchell, Kaleigh Meberg and Mackenna Firman received a bronze for their tap to Mamma Mia.

Maggie Bartel, Sarah Masko and Emerson Strykowski received gold for their lyrical trio dance.

Addison Danielson as "Wednesday," Emerson Strykowski as "Cousin It," Sarah Masko as "Morticia," Paje Reynolds as "Pugsley," Alexis Firman as "Uncle Fester" and Hannah Gerbrandt as "Gomez Addams” performed a musical theatre dance to "Addams Family."  The group received a silver.

Emerson Strykowski won a scholarship for Street Dance Insensitive at Dance Ink and a certificate of recognition from the Wadena Dance Kraze. Strykowski also won a silver for her jazz solo.

Hannah Gerbrandt won a gold for her first pointe ballet; a gold for her hip hop solo and a silver for her jazz solo.