Yoga classes said suitable for everyone

            Yoga is about feeling better about individual mental and physical wellness, said Kristen Ramsey, yoga instructor.

            Ramsey has begun offering yoga classes in Preeceville at the Club 60 senior centre beginning March 20.

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            I was first introduced to yoga five years ago when I made a decision to change my life," said Ramsey. Yoga is about working out in a calm peaceful environment.

           The support system built between each participant is huge, she said. There is no competition. Yoga is about establishing personal physical and mental goals.

           “It helps you to be in touch with your body,” she said. “It’s important to remember that individuals not get frustrated or intimated.”

            Ramsey also offers chair yoga as an alternative.

"Chair yoga is less challenging and is geared towards individuals who have mobility issues. It is still a full workout with a different personal aspect. It is also great for those who have office jobs that involve sitting at a desk for hours.”

            Ramsey and her husband Dawson Ramsey own workout gyms in the communities of Preeceville, Pelly, Canora, Dauphin and Yorkton. She has received her basic, intermediate and advanced certified instructor’s course and has continued to expand her education and experience.