A little bit of Hallmark brought to Town of Sturgis decorating

Some people say if you walk down main street in Sturgis during the night or day you will find it to be magical and joyous, said Karen Rose, town resident and decorator.

The decorating of the downtown core of the Town of Sturgis began last year when a small committee was formed with the goal of focusing downtown for Christmas as it had been done in the past. The committee was made up of: Karen Rose, Daniel Wasylenchuk and Valerie Skurdal.

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The agreement was that all the costs would be covered by the committee, with the local businesses giving them permission to decorate the front of their business. "A few businesses did their own front display and continue to do the same this year," said Rose.

The committee then started the process of purchasing decorations that included: lights, hardware and garland.

The decorations were purchased by Rose and Skurdal while Wasylenchuk made the pine boxes that held the smaller decorated Christmas trees and Walter Rose built all the wooden trees.

The decorations and garland was made by Rose, who said she has always loved decorating for the Christmas season. She would always decorate her family home and has grown her collection of Christmas decorations. "I would always be on the lookout for a bargain and garage sales were always a great place to pick up some great decorations," said Rose.

This year the group erected a large Christmas tree at the end of Main Street in Sturgis. It is the second year for the tree. New for this Christmas, Wasylenchuk had made and created two wooden life-size nutcrackers that were placed on either side of the tree.

This year’s tree was found and brought into town by Walter Rose with assistance from Frenchie. The lights used to light the tree were purchased by the Town of Sturgis.

"I want to thank all the individuals who helped in getting the tree put up and assisted with the decorating of Main Street, including Don Koroluk, Eugene Boychuk, Walter Rose and town maintenance guys Shawn Howard and Brad Secundiak," said Karen Rose.

This year phase two of the decorating process continued on the other half of Main Street with Rose continuing to do the garland and decorating the trees.

She stated that this is their gift to everyone, “Take a walk, enjoy and to everyone have the best Christmas you can.”