Amateur Radio Field Day attracts enthusiasts from across the region

Members of the Amateur radio operators in the North Prairie Radio Club were joined by other radio operators in a second annual amateur radio field day on June 22.

The field day was held at the acreage of Bob and Lorraine Drayer of Sturgis.

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“Radio hams’ services have already proved to be of immense value during and after tornadoes and other disasters, especially when inclement weather turns really nasty and power lines, telephone lines and cell phone towers blow down. It is for scenarios like that that the local Town Office has a record of licensed ham radio operators,” said Hein Bertram, amateur ham radio operator.

Despite the weather not co-operating, Marty Visser of Theodore made 100 contacts, included one from the Virgin Islands, stated Bob Drayer.

There were operators involved in the day from a number of communities, including: Bob Drayer, of Sturgis; Hein Bertram, Jerry Lisitza and Grant See, all of Preeceville; Tom Marshall of Hudson Bay; Duane Senechal of Canora; Marty Visser of Theodore and Zanthany Olson of Sturgis. Olson is a Preeceville Harvard Air Cadet who recently received his amateur radio licence.

The hams in Preeceville and surrounding area are ready in the event of an emergency. “That was one important aim of the field day, and that aim was met. Getting together with like-minded hobbyists and working together on antennas was another, but having fun, that goes without saying. Anyone interested in learning more about electronics and radio, and having lots of fun in the process, can contact any of the radio hams for more details,” concluded Bertram.