Archers enjoy 3-D archery shoot near Preeceville

            Avid archers were encouraged to aim at numerous 3-D archery targets near Preeceville on August 13 and 14

            "The shoot attracted  90 archers from across the area that included Regina, Saskatoon, Yorkton, Hudson Bay, Canora, as well as Preeceville and Sturgis local area," said Brad Cameron.

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            Archers had the opportunity to walk two courses, each with its own challenges. Targets were set-up in realistic settings. The types of targets included: bear, turkey, wild boars, panther, cougars, elk, deer, moose, antelope, buffalo, a mosquito and an alligator.

            There was an iron buck novelty shoot that featured archers shooting at an iron outline of a buck at different distances. Mason Babiuk won the junior category shooting from 20 yards. Clint Belesky was the senior winner, shooting from 60 yards.

            A steak supper concluded the shoot on Saturday evening.

            Prior to handing out medals, Brad Cameron acknowledged Mark Huska for using his land for the shoot; archers who participated; sponsors; the Sturgis Archery Club members, and individuals who helped with kitchen, registration and shuttle services.

He also conducted a live auction that sold off older animal targets of a bear, turkey, antelope, doe, coyote and pigs.

            Medals were handed out for first to third place in men's, women's and junior categories.

            In the youth categories, peewee compound female division for a two-day total of 601, Elly Belesky won gold. Cierra Bocking won silver with 522 points.

In the male division, Hunter Nelson won gold with 634 points. Cooper Kraynick won silver with 602 points and Mason Babiuk won bronze with 409 points.

            In the pre-cub division, male category, Kaiden Masley won gold with 614 points, Wyatt Mastrachuk won silver with 565 points and Kyle Olson won bronze with 479 points.

In the female category, Brynn Babuik won gold with 482 points. Kylie Babuik won silver with 353 points and Zoe Thomas won bronze with 307 points.

            In the cub compound category, male division, Carter Masley won gold with 735 points, Kale Musey won silver with 690 points and Shae Peterson won bronze with 562 points.

In the female division, Rebekah Thomas won a gold medal with 463 points. There was no second or third-place winner.

            In the cadet compound division, male category, Gavin Swiderski won gold with 722 points. Bo Babiuk won silver with 648 points and Garrett Bazuik won bronze with 550 points.

            In the hunter division, female category, Belinda Bocking won gold with 542 points followed by Leann Yurkiw with silver with 428 points.

In the male category, Dean Bocking won gold with 689 points, Corey Nelson won silver with 651 points and Ian Thomas won bronze with 612 points.

            In the junior compound, male division, Tyrell Newcombe won gold with 384 points. There were no second or third-place winners.

In the female division, Jessica Szeles won gold with 366 points. There were no second or third-place winners.

            In the bow hunter open division, Clinton Leis won gold with 751 points. Dallas Hydamaka won silver with 734 points and Clint Belesky won bronze with 666 points.

            Brad Cameron won a gold medal in the master compound 50 division with 704 points

            Orest Belesky won gold in the master compound 60 division with 683 points. Randy Ritter won silver with 620 points.