Barveenok Ukrainian annual spring concert showcased talented dancers

The Barveenok Ukrainian Dance Club hosted its annual spring concert with the talent of many dancers showcased at the Sturgis Composite High School on April 7.

O Canadawas sung both in the English and Ukrainian languages prior to the dance performances.

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The entire club kicked off the afternoon performance with a traditional Pryvit opening welcome dance.

Senior dancers Brynn Babiuk, Kylie Babiuk, Layne Englot, Sierra Karcha and Allyssa Mirva performed Bukovynian, Transcarpathian and Poltava dances.

After the intermission the senior members performed a special wreath dance. The wreath ceremony is a re-enactment of an ancient folklore tradition. It is acknowledgement of the dedication, perseverance and growth displayed by the recipient. The wreath and full costume symbolize a change in status for the young lady. With the presentation of the wreath, the young lady becomes a full-costumed senior dancer, stated the program.

The intermediate dancers Lyndon Gawrelitza, Shaylyn Karcha and Bracyn Konkel performed a Volyn and a Poltava dance.

The junior dancers Eva Romanchuk, Shaye Burym, Allie Babiuk and Avery Masley danced a Poltava and a Hutzul dance.

The beginner dancers Lindy Romanchuk, Maycee Johnson, Hop Omelchuk and Lily Beatty danced two Poltava performances.

Lyndon Gawrelitza and Amber MacDonald performed a Transcarpathian dance in a guest performance.

The Norquay Rosa Ukrainian dance adult group performed a guest dance. Dancers were: Karlie Kowalchuk, Janel Erickson, Amanda Holinaty, Kim Gulka, Megan Peters, Tara Romanchuk and Mikaela Twerdoclib.

Allie Babiuk and Layne Englot each received a five-year plaque during the awards ceremony. Brynn Babiuk received a ten-year plaque.

The dance club executive committee includes: Sandra Johnson, president; Trudy Halvorson, vice-president; Fran Mirva, secretary, and Heather Gawrelitza, treasurer.