Canora business releases internationally-recognized new health product

A Canora-based business has released a new oral spray which offers potentially life-changing benefits in human health.

MyShrooms Energy, the most recent product by Nick Martinuik of MySpray Therapeutics in Canora, only recently became widely available.

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Martinuik, a natural medicine researcher, homeopath and registered massage therapist, has practised natural medicine in Canora for over 20 years. In partnership with a pharmaceutical lab in Richmond, B.C, he has formulated other health-promoting products in the past, including MyPain LiniMint, MyShrooms Immunity and MyShrooms Defence.

Martinuik said he really enjoys the discovery of knowledge.

“It’s great to see results and be able to put things together,” he said. “Seeing benefits and helping people overcome illness and maintain health is the greatest reward.”

“We need to be more proactive with our own health and focus on improving health and preventing disease, rather than just waiting until we’re sick. That’s the downfall of our present approach.”

Martinuik said MyShrooms Energy is a powerful combination of the Cordyceps mushroom and vitamin B12.

“Cordyceps has long been used by traditional Chinese herbalists for its energizing properties,” he explained. “It has been used in Asia to increase oxygen uptake for strenuous activities and for higher elevations. Athletes and physical fitness enthusiasts have traditionally used Cordyceps to support improved performance. Because it’s long lasting, there are no problems with the ‘crash’ associated with caffeine products. It supports many areas of health including energy production, respiration, libido, kidney and adrenal health. It’s been used in to complement conventional medicine in fighting cancer by activating the immune system.”

Since the Cordyceps mushroom naturally contains B vitamins except B12, Martinuik saw great potential in combining it with the original Vitamin B12 Energy, another MySpray product, to create MyShrooms Energy.

“B12 is involved in the maintenance of the nervous system, red blood cell production, energy metabolism and the proper functioning of our brain, heart, liver and kidneys,” said Martinuik. “It’s essential for optimal health, wellbeing, performance, mood, vitality and energy.”

MyShrooms Energy is recommended for people from all walks of life.

“It can help elite athletes with their stamina and endurance, while it can benefit senior citizens in dealing with fatigue,” said Martinuik. “For the average individual it helps maintain energy and alertness throughout daily life, including the long work days.”

In 1993, Chinese athletes were breaking numerous world records. Martinuik said many accused them of using performance-enhancing drugs, but it turned out they were taking Cordyceps. Since then, it has been more commonly used by elite athletes.

Martinuik said the Cordyceps mushroom has been used as a medicinal product in the Asian culture for thousands of years. There are over 400 different types of the Cordyceps fungi, and each is specific to different insects.

“The one most popular in medicine grows on a caterpillar, controls its mind and body and has it climb high in a tree,” he said. “The fungus consumes the insect as its host and grows off that insect. Throughout history, Monks would consume that fungus to improve their lung function and oxygen utilization. This would allow them to climb to higher elevations and thrive there. The Cordyceps grows at elevations of over 4,500 feet.”

Martinuik said it’s the most valuable product in Chinese natural medicine, but the quality of the mushrooms grown in China has declined due to pollution of Chinese soils.

The Cordyceps mushrooms used in MyShrooms Energy are organically grown in North America.

“The Chinese look at North American products as superior in quality,” said Martinuik.

The MyShrooms Energy spray is taken directly into the mouth. As a spray it takes effect quickly at about 90 per cent efficiency compared to 10 to 20 per cent for pills. It’s cinnamon-flavoured and is recommended to be taken at a rate of six sprays, once or twice per day.

Martinuik said MyShrooms Energy is a significant achievement which has gained worldwide recognition, “pretty good for a small Canora company.”

“Later in October we will be part of a delegation of eight Canadian companies with medicine, medical devices and natural health products that have been invited to attend the China Export and Import Fair, in Canton, China.”

The development and release of MyShrooms Energy took about a year, including testing and going through the Health Canada approval process.

It can be purchased online or at clinics, pharmacies and health food stores.

“If it’s not in your favourite store, ask them to bring it on,” said Martinuik.

He’s working on a number of products for release in the near future. The first is for dealing with stress, to be followed by products for the mind to help with areas such as concentration, focus, Alzheimer’s, and dementia.