Club 60 members prepare to “go batty” in Preeceville

The Kelsey Ecological Society in Preeceville will be hosting a special presentation on the habitat of the silver-haired bat on March 19 at the Preeceville Club 60.

“Shelby Bohn, a master of science student, will be giving a featured talk on the silver-haired bat and the interesting facts she has collected in her study of the bats,” said Michael Pitt, Kelsey Ecological Society member.

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Shelby Bohn is a student at the University of Regina.

“The research I’m doing is for my thesis that explores habitat selection priorities of female silver-haired bats during the breeding season,” said Bohn. “These bats have a huge energy investment (raising pups) over a relatively short period of time, so the habitat they choose not only reflects a decision made on an energetic budget, but also gives us a hint at the type of habitat we might conserve for this species.

“During my fieldwork, I netted, radio tracked and recorded characteristics of roost trees where bats chose to spend their days,” she said.

Before attending the University of Regina, Bohn did her undergraduate degree and honours thesis at the University of Winnipeg.

“I studied how little brown bats with White Nose Syndrome differ in their behaviour from healthy little brown bats,” she said. “I analyzed video from bat hibernation in captivity and noticed that infected individuals were less likely to groom or drink water, which is characteristic of a ‘sickness behaviour’ response to illness.”