Construction has progressed on new wastewater treatment plant

Construction has progressed on the Town of Preeceville's upgrade its wastewater treatment facility and related infrastructure to help better protect the environment and position the community for growth.

The project involved upgrading the community’s existing wastewater storage cells to increase their capacity, along with improving the system’s overall treatment process. The force main pipe that transports wastewater to the treatment facility will also be replaced by a new pipe. Construction, which began on May 11, is targeted to be completed before the end of 2020. Normal operations of the Town’s wastewater system will continue during construction, thanks to advanced planning.

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The project’s total eligible costs are $5,194,500. The Government of Canada and the Government of Saskatchewan are each contributing up to $1,731,327 toward this project through the New Building Canada Fund program. The Town of Preeceville will fund the remaining $1,731,846 and is responsible for any additional costs.

Despite a few delays due to rain, the Town of Preeceville’s Wastewater Treatment Facility Project is progressing on schedule, stated Lorelei Karcha, Town of Preeceville administrator.

The earthwork for both aeration cells is complete and the liners are being installed. Piping around the cells and to the blower building is complete. Forming is complete for the two nitrification cells.

Construction of the blower building is complete; while installation of the mechanical, piping, control system, and electrical work continue inside the building. The force main installation is complete to the Lagoon area access road. Installation of the remaining piping will continue after cell construction has been completed.

Once the new treatment system is commissioned, plans are in place to connect to the Town’s existing treatment process without any disturbance to the Town’s services.