Corn maze project at Preeceville features children’s maze

            The art of a corn maze is designed with the idea of challenging individuals’ mental and physical abilities as they navigate through the twisting maze.

            "The human size puzzle was carved into 35 acres of 10-foot-tall cornstalks west of the Town of Preeceville," said Andrea Tonn, recreation director. "The maze can be roughly walked in about an hour and 15 minutes, depending on how many wrong turns you make.

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“There are some clues in spots to help or hurt you,” Tonn said. “If you answer correctly it will take you in the right direction."

            Something new this year is the addition of a children's maze for adventurers under the age of six years.

            The children's maze is a more simple design with the opportunity for them to play and explore the maze in a fun, uncomplicated environment.

"We found last year some of the smaller children had a more difficult time with the larger maze," said Tonn.

            The corn maze is scheduled to open August 31 and is to stay open through the months of September and October.

            The maze is a mixture of grain and silage corn that was donated, she said. Many individuals and organizations have helped make the corn maze possible.

Reid Balaywder designed both mazes and Ashley Ward was responsible for cutting out the design.