Corn maze set for another season

A corn maze is designed with the idea of challenging individuals’ mental and physical abilities as they navigate through the twisting maze.

"The puzzle was carved into 35 acres of 10-foot tall cornstalks east of Preeceville," said Andrea Tonn, recreation director. "The maze can be walked in roughly an hour depending on how many wrong turns you make. It is very challenging this year with the first half of the maze being fairly simple and straight forward. At certain points and at the halfway marker there are easy escape routes if people want to quit. The second half is more challenging with many more twists and turns," she said

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"We are not having a haunted corn maze this year but are currently working on a haunted forest on and around the north end of Preeceville that will include Annie Laurie Lake. We have not worked out all the details as yet but it will be a spooky great time," said Tonn.

The corn maze opened August 23 and will be open through the months of September and October.