Creating a Prairie Xeriscape focuses on hardy plants for the prairies

Sara Williams of Saskatoon, gardening author and retired University of Saskatchewan horticultural specialist will be doing a presentation on creating a prairie Xeriscape in Preeceville on March 29. The presentation will be sponsored by Kelsey Ecological Society.

Williams will be discussing topics featuring the principals of xeriscape (conserving water, soil improvement, efficient irrigation, reducing conventional lawn areas and mulching). She will also share the best of the hundreds of hardy and drought tolerant plants for prairie gardens.

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William has written 12 books on the topic of gardening and got involved in horticultural after she faced some of her own challenges in her own garden. "I did a lot of research learning how to adapt plants to the certain soils in my garden," she said.

There main principles that apply include: design, direct water supply, soil, mulching, drought, plant materials, conserve water, lower maintenance and reduce convention lawn areas.

"There are so many varieties of different plants that have flooded the market it is hard to know if they are tolerant to the prairies," said Williams.