Cross-country skiing gaining popularity

The Preeceville Nordic Ski Club has been around for a few years and was kick-started by past founding member Lou Roste who had a passion for cross-country skiing.

The club utilizes the well groomed Preeceville Lions Family Trails that the Preeceville and District Lions Club has built up.

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The trails are used for walking in the summer and in the winter a set of cross-country tracks are groomed into the snow on the trail for avid skiers and walkers to enjoy.

The Preeceville Nordic Ski Club started out with only a few families but has now gained popularity. "The club has had so many more people take an interest in skiing which I think is due to the COVID-19 isolation guidelines," said Megan Maier, club member.

The Maier family have all been avid skiers and enjoy cross-country skiing. They not only ski for fun but have attended some competitions around the province.

"This year the interest has exploded in cross-country skiing. People are starting to discover the beautiful trails hidden just on the outskirts surrounding the Town of Preeceville and the recent addition of the beautiful warmup shelter made by Lions members is wonderful. The Lions created the shelter in honour of Lou Roste," said Maier.

Ray Bailey and Nathan Maier are instructors for the club and are encouraging children and adults to sign up for instructional classes or coaching of the proper techniques of cross-country skiing. The have both taken a coaches course and are both experienced.

"We are welcoming youth skiers (ages 4 to 18) to participate in our Preeceville Nordic Ski Jackrabbit club training group. We are meeting on Mondays after school and Saturday afternoons. Join us this Saturday at 1 p.m. at the campground and beautiful new warmup shack for some fun skiing activities. You need your own skis and boots to join in the fun. Hope to see you on the trail.”

All COVID- 19 regulations will be followed.

Interested skiers may contact Megan at 306-547-1349 or get in touch online or just show up.

"Skiing is a great way to get outdoors, exercise and still remain socially distanced. It can be a solitude or group sport. It is a life long sport that anyone can do. The winter months are long and we might as well embrace it and take enjoyment from the snow. The trees along the trails are great for blocking the elements and it is a very fun experience," said Maier.

Maier also stated that the club does not have skis or equipment to rent at this time and this year it could be a difficult to find any available.