Determined birds dedicated to rebuild after eviction

The ospreys in the Village of Endeavour were originally reported to have had their nest removed from a Sasktel cell tower in the village, but have returned to the cell tower.

The determination of the ospreys is evident as they are trying to rebuild their nest.

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Local residents and avid bird watchers are very excited with their return and report that progress is being made on the rebuild of the Osprey nest.

The engineer for Sasktel was quite surprised to learn of their return. He was quoted as saying that the nest will need to be removed again in the off season due to concerns over the structure's integrity that may be compromised due to the extra weight on the tower.

During a discussion with the engineer the topic was brought up that a plan is being formulated by the community to relocate the nest.

A group of residents in the village will be meeting soon to organize the relocation project. Sasktel will be approached for some possible funding for that project.

Initially, a fifty-foot pole will need to be acquired, possibly from SaskPower. A platform will be built on top of the pole for the nest and the pole then dug into the ground. The pole will be erected on the village’s property away from residences so there should be no concerns over any changes to properties.

The engineer agreed that the nest will be carefully removed intact to help provide a successful relocation.

Coreen Buchinski, Village of Endeavour resident, provided the photographs.