Duct tape art turns viral for two young entrepreneurs

Brothers Carter and Wyatt Scheller, 11 and nine years of age respectively, of the Ketchen area never dreamed that their unique craft idea of duct tape art would turn viral.

"It all began with a craft project in 2016, that the boys could do to give away as Christmas presents,", said Angela Scheller, mom. " We originally purchased a kit online and researched different ideas through Pinterest online. In the beginning the boys made wallets, flower rings as well as some flower pens that they gave away to their cousins at Christmas," she said.

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Through encouragement and requests from other family members and friends, the duo made more creations. The boys were invited to a craft show in Preeceville and their business took off with a huge increase in interest from the public. The boys began making more and decided to concentrate on making pens only. The pens were available for sale at the Sturgis Library where their grandmother Helen Scheller works, by request and at Hazel Blooms greenhouse. Every dollar from each pen sold at the library and greenhouse was given to back to each organization. The boys had a tough time keeping up with the demand as the pens quickly sold out frequently.

"This past February we decided for 30 days we would sell and give a dollar to Paws and Claws and when the 30 days was up on March 14 we extended that until March 31.  The pens at the library are still currently being sold with one dollar still going to the library and a dollar to Paws and Claws. So just until March 31, will we fundraise for the shelter. The organization invited us to an adoption day where we had the opportunity to spend some time with the animals," said Scheller.

“The people at Paws and Claws were so great with the boys at making them welcome. That really helps with getting the younger generations involved with organizations such as this that need more volunteers. They have invited the boys back to any adoption days to help, not just making pens but to come and snuggle the animals all day long. We all know these animals need a lot of snuggles,” she stated.

“The business adventure is teaching the boys the importance of the younger generation to get involved in organizations and give of their time which is as important as giving money. They are also quickly learning business and people skills.”

To date the boys have created 300 flower pens. The duct tape used in the flower pens is specially designed to be higher quality to stick together better. The tape is usually purchased from Canadian Tire, and specialty stores like Michaels and Staples in Regina.  "We have experimented and the tape we can get around here is not a great quality to make the pens,” said Scheller.

The boys have 50 to 60 different colours of tape that are used in hand creating the flower pens.

It takes approximately one hour to create a pen and a 10 meter roll of tape will make three pens.

"In February of this year Carter had presented a slide show presentation to his class explaining about the pens and all the colours and why he likes to do this project,” said his mom.

"We both enjoy making the pens and the feeling we get when we help the shelter to provide for the animals," said Carter and Wyatt.