Every child to have water bottle

Sherry Joanette and Charlyn Lisoway teamed up and had asked people to purchase a water bottle for $6 from Tupperware to each donate to the kids at Preeceville School and Preeceville Nursery School.

“We had set our goal to be able to donate one to each and every child in the schools as the new requirements have them needing their own water bottles this year due to COVID-19 and we are so happy that we were able to achieve that goal. Every kid will be getting their own water bottle," said Lisoway.

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Both Lisoway and Joanette are involved in selling Tupperware and saw a real need for helping each student to have access to their own water bottle as water fountains in the school will probably not be allowed. They collected donations and sponsors to be able to purchase over 240 eco water bottles.

The duo did not receive not receive any financial support from Tupperware for the project.

Sponsors that helped with donations were: Thirsty Dogz, Grub Hub, Shop Easy Foods, Paul’s Drugs, OK Tire Formo Service and Sales, Amanda Balyski, Brooke Murray, Lynn Larsen, Susan Aragrev, Kristy Karpyk, Jane Gulka, Sheila Klebeck, Brenda Desjardins, Michelle Erickson, Rachael Kashuba, Erin Erickson, Juanita Ivanochko, Barb Pidherny, Doreen Gulka, Paula Castillo, Calla Erickson, Cheryl Walker, Stacey Strykowski,

Cheryl Strelezki, Heather Strykowski, Roseann Strelezki, Tracy Lagrove, Crystal Ward,

Troy Rogowski, Erin Erickson, Jessica Antonichuk, Gloria Turchinetz, Gagandeep Kaur

Johanna Castillo and Preeceville Parts.