Fourth book released for local author

Remember Me is a romance novel that follows the blossoming love between two characters who faced numerous challenges throughout the story.

Rhonda Leibel of Usherville captured the evolving story in her book.

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“This is my fourth book,” she said. “I have always enjoyed writing and find it very therapeutic.

"My passion for historical romance novels began when I was a teenager and picked up a Johanna Lindsey paperback one day," said Leibel. "I couldn’t put it down and was so thrilled with her writing that I purchased as many as were published, waiting with bated breath until the next one was released. I have collected all of her books and have reread them on many occasions."

"A few years ago, I was released from my employment and found myself with idle time and found solace in reading her books once again. I reread her biography in which she described that she wrote her first book on a whim and so I decided I would do the same. I formulated an idea and ran with it, producing my first book Princess’ Knight.  The ideas kept coming to me and so I kept writing and continue to do so. 

“My second book, Deep Beauty, was published in 2017 and with my third book, Contract for Love, I have accomplished and fulfilled a journey with an added passion to write more. I live on the Canadian prairies on the edge of a forest with my husband and lovable pets and utilize the peace and tranquillity to put my ideas on paper," concluded Leibel.

The book is originally set in the year 2196. Arissa Kaytor has been researching time travel and successfully achieves the feat, but has to leave her friend, Fritz, behind in the future. She travels back to the 18th century, but finds obstacles that may force her to abandon her experiment of time traveling before finding what she is truly looking for.

Arissa Kaytor believed in the stories and fairy tales involving love between a man and women and that encouraged a future with little or no love in it, serving only to enhance existence. Fritz Van Weiss silently admired her attributes and overwhelming insistence to go forward with her plans but was he too late and had he lost the only love he had ever desired?