Gateway Co-op Fuel Good Day raises money for local community groups

Gateway Co-op held Fuel Good Day on September 18 at its locations in Canora, Buchanan, Preeceville and Sturgis.

“We raised over $4,300 with the help our customers to support our local community groups,” said Brad Chambers, Gateway Co-op General Manager. 

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During the day, 10 cents per every litre of fuel pumped at the Buchanan store, Canora C-store and Preeceville Home Centre was donated to the cause.

Additional funds were raised from the barbecues that were held at the Buchanan store, the Canora Food Store, the Sturgis Food Store and the Preeceville Home Centre. 

Chambers said Gateway Co-op is proud to support the following community groups with the money raised from Fuel Good Day: Canora Hospital Auxiliary, Buchanan Community Centre, Sturgis Station House Museum, Preeceville Hospital Auxiliary and the Preeceville Harvard Air Cadets. The Cadets were responsible for running the barbecue held in Preeceville. The Sturgis Station House Museum volunteers were responsible for running the barbecue in Sturgis.