Good cheer challenge embrace by local band students

Good Spirit School Division band students have been challenged and encouraged to show their kindness by sharing gifts with their neighbours or community members to help spread good cheer during COVID-19.

"They are doing an activity called COVID Caring," said Nathan Seghers, band instructor.

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"It is meant for students to show their friends and neighbours that although they may be isolated during this time, they are not alone. Students and their families create two (or so) care packages with items they already have in their house, and deliver them to the doors of their friends and neighbours. Those neighbours are then encouraged to create care packages for their friends, so we should see the caring ‘spread’ through the community," said Seghers

"The program is part of a leadership program developed by Scott Lang," stated Stacey Strykowski, band parent. "So, our band program participants at all levels have joined thousands of other band programs around North America with this initiative to spread joy and happiness in our community.

"You drop off two care packages at someone’s house with the letter and window poster. You are supposed to put the window poster in your window to signal you’ve already received a package. In ours, we put a bottle of hand soap, a deck of cards, some popcorn, a few emergency packets, a candy kabob and a three wick candle. They can be anything, just a small act of kindness to spread some cheer around," concluded Strykowski.

Seghers is the band teacher and he sent out the activity for the band students.

The instructional note that encouraged band students to participate in spreading good cheer to other community members stated they should fill a bag with what they wanted and share with two neighbours or community members.