Gun safety teaches students valuable lessons

The Preeceville branch of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF) was responsible for teaching students valuable lessons in gun safety at the Preeceville School. The firearm safety course began on April 1 and concluded April 11.

There were 28 students registered from Preeceville, Sturgis, Norquay, Hyas and Endeavour.

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“The Saskatchewan Hunter Education course was divided into 15 lessons,” said Norman Johnson, firearm safety organizer. “Starting with basic firearm safety, students then learned about firearms and ammunition care and maintenance which is required to keep firearms working safely and properly.”

The course teaches the proper handling and responsibility involved.

“Responsibility is a huge key,” said Johnson. “Students have to take it serious because firearms are not toys. The most valuable thing we hope the students get across is not to be afraid of a firearm which is accomplished by practicing safety. We also focus on having respect for the firearm, and to respect the animals you hunt and the landowner’s property.”

There are lessons on outdoor survival, maps and compass use. After a successful hunt, proper care of game harvested is very important, he said.

Over 20 hours in classroom instructions and demonstrations are required to present this course to students. The firearm safety instructors appreciate the continue support of the Preeceville School and the Preeceville branch of the SWF.

Numerous volunteers helped out with the course for the one-day hands-on exercise where students were taught to handle obstacles while carrying a firearm. Students were instructed in the safe handling of firearms when being carried, various shooting positions, using shooting stands, cleaning and maintenance of guns and ammunition, different locks that can be used and how to cross fences safety.