How the time has flown by for the class of ‘68

The graduating class of 1968 from Sturgis Composite High School got reacquainted when the class celebrated its 50th school reunion on August 17.

This was the second time that the class held a reunion. It was just 20 years ago that this same class held a 30-year reunion. 

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There were 92 students who had attended Grade 12 Sturgis Composite High School in 1968. “We had 76 classmates out of the 92 that took part in the graduation ceremony on May 10, 1968,” said Bill Lesko, classmate.

Students attended the reunion were, Ron Wagar, Bert Suknasky Marilyn Harris (Wagar), Heather Godlien (Sommerville), MarieAnn Suknasky (Chupik), all of Sturgis; Russell Worobetz, Bill Lesko, Roseann Pasiechnik (Balysky), Sharon Prystay (Gromnisky), all of Preeceville; Raymond Blender and Karen German (Kopeck) both of Endeavour; Ron Bodnarek, Wadena; Ernie Babinchuk, Hyas; Lyndon Olson, Surrey, B.C.; David Pollock, Lanigan; Peter Ignatiuk, Camrose, Alta; Larry Wiwcharuk, Yorkton;  Kenny Lozinsky, Regina; Andy Byneshewsky, Saskatoon; Greg Kurulok, Vegreville, Alta.;  Darryl Kuzik, Surrey, B.C.;  Danny Anaka, Airdrie, Alta.;  Jim Semeschuk, Langdon, Alta.; Therese (Terry) Temrick (Sakuluk), Edenwold; Audrey Steiner (Shostal), Victoria, B.C.; Geraldine Mitchell (Walker), Regina; Sharon Westburg (Armstrong), Whitehorse, Yukon; Sally Chalupiak (Chornomitz), Camrose, Alta.; Arlene Lisoway, Arden, Man.; and John Davis (teacher), Phylis Snodgrass (Zuk), Joanna Schinborn, Barry Slugoski, and Bonnie Godfrey (Snodgrass), all of Saskatoon.

“This year 33 students came from near and far to renew old acquaintances and enjoy the fellowship of classmates who they had not seen in many years”, stated Bill Lesko. “It was a time to reminisce of times gone by and discover where the path of time has taken each on their journey in life,” he said.


Graduates journeyed from as far as Vancouver and Abbotsford in B.C., Whitehorse in the Yukon, Vegreville in Alberta and Regina and Saskatoon.

The afternoon started with registration and a meet and greet in the school gymnasium, followed by a tour of the school. Countless changes and developments had taken place at the school over the past 50 years.

Pictures were taken after the school tour and the group then proceeded to the Sturgis Read Club for a buffet catered by the Black Bear Inn. In total there were 55 graduates, spouses and guests.

“The evening continued with remembering the 12 students who are no longer with us. There was a presentation of memorabilia to each graduate and a quiz of trivia questions from the 67/68 school year. John Davis, a long since retired teacher who once taught the class of 1968, humoured us with a speech on growing old and being a senior citizen,” said Lesko.

The evening ended with more socializing and more eating. 

“Concluding the evening was bittersweet; if only time could stand still a moment longer, from the expressions of all in attendance. Though time was short, all had a wonderful time at the 50th reunion of the class of ‘68 and all will remember this day for a long, long time,” he said.