Jaques family celebrate family farm’s 100th year

The Jaques family celebrated 100 years of their family farm on August 18. 

David and Mable Jaques first homesteaded in the Ypres district (west of Endeavour) in 1918.  This area was settled by many returning First World War veterans. The area was heavily forested, with David having to clear a spot to build their first home. David was a carpenter by trade, after apprenticing for seven years in England. He helped many settlers in the building of their homes, barns and other buildings. 

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Together with his wife Mable, they farmed for nearly 50 years and raised a family of seven children: David Jaques Jr, Mable Pringle, Joyce Oxley, Florence Olson, Kathleen Walker, Jack Jaques and Ron Jaques. 

After David and Mable retired to Preeceville, their son Jack and wife Jeannette took over the operation of the farm where they continue to reside.

The land is now operated by Jack's son Shawn and daughter Shannon. The main crops are canola, wheat, oats and barley. There are still a few livestock on the farm “to keep the grass down.” 

The surviving Jaques siblings Kathleen, Jack and Ron are very proud of the accomplishments of their parents, and are thankful for the life they had growing up on the homestead. They marvel at the changes in agriculture, from the land first being  worked with horses to now using four-wheel drive tractors. 

"Shannon and I look forward to operating the farm for many more years to come," said Shawn.