Lady Lake to be restocked this spring

Owen Myhr, president of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation, Preeceville branch gave a brief update on the club's highlights during the annual banquet awards night on April 6.

The club has been taking care of the aeration at Lady Lake.

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“This is a land locked lake stocked by provincial fisheries that is stocked with rainbow, brook and tiger trout,” said Myhr. "It has been aerated since 1985. At some point between 2008 and 2010, suckers were introduced and since that time their number have increased greatly which is a problem as they compete for food which greatly limits the growth of the trout.

“It was decided to try to winterkill the lake to eliminate the suckers. The limited snow cover and warm early winter did not allow for all the oxygen to be used up so a total winterkill was not possible. The lake will be stocked again this spring and fisheries will attempt another winterkill next winter to eliminate the suckers.”

Myhr also gave an update on chronic wasting disease (CWD.)

“This disease is becoming more prevalent in our province. Out of 2,000 specimens submitted, 349 positive cases were identified. The southwest part of the province is a hot spot for the disease but it is spreading throughout the whole province. The prevalence of CWD in mule deer in some parts of the province is estimated at over 40 per cent. Population declines have not yet been documented although it is fatal to members of the deer family,” he said.

The ministry of education is working on a CWD management strategy to limit disease transmission and reduce risk of spread to new species and areas. Information provided by hunters is invaluable in helping to understand how this disease is spreading on the landscape.

Myhr then acknowledged the passing away of Orville Bjornstad.

“Orville held many positions on our club including president. He was always a great contributor to our club and to the provincial wildlife federation. He was very involved with our firearm safety course, teaching it for over 40 years. In 2003, he received an award for 50 years of dedicated service to the SWF,” concluded Myhr.