Lions take on major community enhancement project

The Preeceville Lions club has taken on a major project. The group is working at widening the walking and ski trail and continuing to clear trees along the trail around the Town of Preeceville, according to Ralph Ager, Lions member.

"We created this idea for making improvements to the existing trail and creating a walking, bicycling and cross country ski trail that individuals could walk or ski around the town when completed," said Ager.

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The multi-purpose project will be funded by the proceeds from Chase the Ace. A committee was established to oversee this project with members from the Lions club, Kelsey Ecological Society and community members. The project is scheduled to be completed in three to four years.

Since the beginning of the project, the Lions have worked throughout the summer to continue to widen the trail and putting up snow fence for trail protection. The project was started on the south side of Annie Laurie Lake and went to the Town pump house.

"To-date all the tree work has been completed along the trail," said Ager. "We have put up snow ad board fence at the entrances on each access point to deter quads and protect the trail. We currently are in the process of putting up signage along the trail,” stated Ager.

There has been approximately two-and-three-quarter-miles of work done on the trail and when complete it will be five-and-a-half miles.

"We will be continuing to make improvements to the trail. We also purchased a new cross-country ski groomer with packer with the support of the wildlife club. Currently we are looking at purchasing a c-container to store the groomer.

We will also be looking at putting up a warm up shack and benches along the trail. There have been numerous volunteers helping with the trail and the Lions is very appreciative of everyone's help," he said.

The Lions continue to improve community development that attracts people to the community and promotes fitness, said Ager.