Liquor vendor store in Sturgis changes ownership

The Sturgis Sports-Land was officially taken over and is now renamed Rusty Liquor Barrel and owned by the Sommerville family of Sturgis. The family opened for business under new management on August 21. Family members involved include: Deb Lysiuk, Sarah Severson, Randy Sommerville, Shawna Johnson and James Johnson.

"We as a family have been looking at starting up a business that we could own and operate as a family," said Lysiuk, one of the owners. "When the Sturgis Sports-Land came up for sale it was a welcomed opportunity for us."

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The family wants to introduce new inventory and welcome customer requests. The store has received interior and exterior renovations for a fresh new look.

Each member of the family brings a different business experience that will aid in the daily operations of the business.

"We plan on keeping some of the same things that were popular that include the meats from Gordon Foods. We will have some on hand and place customer requested orders but we are limited in space. The seasonal sporting items will be put on sale until they are gone. We will be keeping and ordering lacrosse items as it is very popular," said Lysiuk.

In the future the family is hopeful on expanding the small building to be able to offer more products.