Local artist interest develops into unique beading art

Violet Gibb of Lady Lake Regional Park has always loved crafting but recently took a new twist with her passion for complex and challenging things.

The newest craft she picked up was an art of beading called Midnight Sparkles. "The difference between normal beading and Midnight Sparkles is that the beads are woven together in an in-and-out motion," said Gibb.

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She had always wanted to try this art but never had the time. It was four years ago that Gibb started to learn the craft. There is no embroidery done or no bottom to each piece of jewelry. "It has been a real challenge for me for I always say ‘the harder the more challenging,’" said Gibb.

Gibb has worked for Polly Schindel from Lintlaw, making Alpaca felt hats, mittens and blankets out of Alpaca fur.

Some of the unique things she has created are: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and 3D ornaments. Most of her items are small in size which makes it easier to work with and to sell. She uses quality beads that are strong and versatile which makes for long-lasting art work.

"The latest creation I have started creating is a 3D star with birth stones. It has 3,500 beads in each creation and is modified to each customer request," said Gibb.