Making an impact in early childhood development

Children, parents and grandparents enjoyed spending time together learning during the Regional KidsFirst Intriguing Minds: Parents and Children Together (IMPACT) program. It was overseen by Jane Meiklejohn, community developer, and hosted at the Sturgis Composite School on February 25.

The program had a twist as it focused on the scientific side, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

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The Sturgis Preeceville and Endeavour (SPE) Family Resource Centre helped to sponsor the event along with Regional KidsFirst. It was attended by numerous children and parents from across the local area.

"The program was a fun event for the whole family," said Karolyn Kosheluk, FRC (Family Resource Centre) coordinator. The event targeted the preschool aged children and their caregivers. All stations established were for developmentally appropriate and demonstrated skills and activities for children and parents. The fun educational and interactive stations were designed to help children develop the skills needed for a successful school experience. It also promoted awareness of self, social skills, cognitive skills, language communication, and physical development.

There were 15 stations that focused on scientific exploration and experiments for children that featured water fun, introduction to coding by moving their bodies to follow the code on the floor mat, twisty tornados, sensory touch gooey, light it up, code and go with a robot, active play, block play, magnetic marble play, candy construction, simple machines, senses discovery table and filling and dumping sensory.

"IMPACT engages children in play and we are encouraging healthy development," said Meiklejohn.