New conservation officer hired for Preeceville field office

John Brewster has joined the staff at the Saskatchewan Environmental, Preeceville field office as a new conservation officer with his first official day on July 9.

Brewster joins Johnny Petryshyn and Dave Knihniski at the local office.

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Brewster grew-up in Regina where he attended elementary and high school. He graduated from training in 2017 and performed a 10-month post in Outlook. Prior to the posting he had done seasonal work in Rowan's Ravine at last Mountain Lake. He was a Corporal with the Royal Regina Rifles infantry regiment for nine years before he received a voluntary release.

Preeceville is Brewster's first permanent full-time position. He has a strong background in the environment industry, as both his sister and father are Saskatchewan biologists. "My passion has always been the environment," said Brewster. "As a child I always enjoying hunting, learning and caring about the different species we have in Saskatchewan."

Brewster is looking forward to getting to know everyone as he plans on getting involved in the community in a variety of ways.