Parkland Music Festival planned for Preeceville and Sturgis in 2019

The first organizational meeting for the 2019 Parkland Music Festival was held on September 13 at Preeceville School.

The Parkland Festival is scheduled to take place in Preeceville and Sturgis from March 28 to April 4 with the final concert scheduled for April 7. The entry deadline is February 1.

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“Present at the meeting were Anna Russell, president; Nathan Seghers, corresponding secretary; and Sheila Ivanochko, Carla Lewis and Michelle Kidder who will share the entry secretary work,” reported Russell.

Karolyn Kosheluk will head the scholarship and patron committee. Regrets were sent by Debbie Treen, treasurer and Val Hallick and Lori Newton, band and vocal organizers.

“Although we have fewer committee members than the organizing group for the 2017 festival, positions and tasks were resorted and subdivided to create what will hopefully be a manageable workload for each of these volunteers,” said Russell.

“Many other volunteers will be sought as we work towards preparing for and undertaking this festival. It usually takes 900 to 1000 hours of volunteer time to complete the festival.”

Anyone able to volunteer for tasks now or in the spring could contact Russell or any committee member.

Other agenda items included a decision to leave all entry fees the same as in 2017 in Preeceville/Sturgis and 2018 in Canora. Door and program fees will remain the same as well.  Plans were made for facility bookings and piano tuning. Also plans were discussed as to how best to accommodate conflicts with the Yorkton Music festival which is happening simultaneously to the 2019 Parkland festival.

The provincial annual general meeting (AGM) was discussed with the possibility of local members attending. There are plans being made provincially to host the National Music Festival competition in Saskatchewan next year so fund raising such as a car lottery has been proposed.

Committee members will work independently over the next two months and then meet again November 21.