Past Sturgis students get reacquainted

Past Sturgis Composite High School students from the class of 1989 got reacquainted through a reunion held on August 17.

"There were 18 past students who attended out of the 64 original," said Trevor Olson, spokesperson. "We all had a great time with a tour of the school and concluded with supper at Rawhides. We reminisced and played music from the 1980s era which brought back lots of fun memories,”

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The class reunion concluded in the early morning hours at the residence of Trevor and Carla Olson.

Class members in attendance were: Gordon Mills and Shawn Jaques, both of Melville; Trent Antoniuk, Christy Nydegger (Chubak), Lance Multon and Shawna Melnychuk (Kuzminski) of Saskatoon; Donna Hamilton, Carla Olson (Lisoway), Trevor Olson, Maureen Remenda, Susan Gellert (Skogen) and Karen Skogen, all of Sturgis: Laurie Pereyma of Fort Qu ‘Appelle; Darcy Melnychuk and Angie Wagar (Lazaruk) of Regina; Wendy Ahenakew (Fairburn) of Aronge; Rochelle Anthony (Kalenchuk) of Warman; and Trish Olynyk of Calgary.