Positive ticketing by RCMP rewards youth

The Canora and Sturgis RCMP are working together with the local communities in Preeceville, Sturgis and Canora to reward youth and individuals in the community for doing random act of kindness, practicing safe driving, practicing bike safety, being a positive role model and/or making the community a better place, stated Corporal Darwin Hammerstrom, Sturgis and Canora detachment.

They will be handing out $5 certificates and letting recipients know the amazing things that they doing in their communities, he stated.

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“Positive Tickets is a community program where you catch kids doing good things and reward them with a voucher or coupon to some fun, free activity,” said Hammerstrom. “Positive Tickets are issued to youth by caring adults for good behaviour, such as staying out of trouble or performing good deeds.”

The purpose of Positive Tickets is to build relationships of trust with youth in the community and encourage good behaviour.

The principles of this innovative approach have been proven to significantly reduce juvenile problems in a community, boost self-esteem and morale, improve community relations with youth, and lower juvenile crime costs. The Positive Tickets concept can also be used to recognize and reward employees, customers, and citizens for good deeds.