Preeceville Amazing Race fun for all ages

The Preeceville Wildlife Club hosted an Amazing Race fun afternoon at the wildlife campground in Preeceville on July 8 to kick off Old Home Week in Preeceville.

Children were paired off in teams of two and had to do some skills challenges and follow a GPS in a scavenger hunt that ended in a fun afternoon, stated Heather Gawrelitza, organizer.

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“The Racers hit the Bull Moose Road Block which sent them back to the beginning to help out the birds and paint some houses for them,” said Gawrelitza. “If the birds approved they then got to try and cross The Doggie DooDoo without getting a dirty foot. Once completed they wanted to be the first to get a Pie In The Face because that would lead them on to the GPS Scavenger Hunt.”

The team of Carter Johnson and Teagan Kozmeniuk won first place in the completion and had the opportunity to set off the first celebration geyser.

Bailey Kozmaniuk and Quirin Nelson, who will be attending the Hannin Creek Wildlife Camp, helped sell tickets and volunteered their time to work the kids games.
Winners all won fishing rods.

Raffle winner were Brenda Kayseas, who won a Fish Fry Basket; Maureen Johnson, the beverage cooler and Danae Draper, a $25 gift card.
Owen Draper won The Kids Amazing Race Draw which was a fishing rod, rapala T-shirt, and blue gummy sharks.

Participants were treated to a free hotdog lunch and the public had the opportunity to share in the lunch for $3.