Preeceville and District Heritage Museum hosts season windup

The Preeceville and District Heritage Museum hosted its windup with a pie and coffee party on October 5.

"While it was cool and damp outside it was warm inside. The coffee was hot and the homemade pie was delicious," said Agnes Murrin, chairperson of the museum.

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The museum had a busy year with visitors from many locations, including: Europe (two), USA (one), Quebec (one), Nova Scotia (one), Ont. (two), Man.(three) B.C. (10), Alta. (12) and many from Saskatchewan.

The museum's theme this year was agriculture as it was the centennial of the John Deere tractor and the 50th anniversary of canola.

"We had school tours and hosted a seniors group from Carrot River. We hosted the town volunteer tea in the spring and a tea in the summer for the Lutheran Ladies Group.

Projects that were completed this year included renovating another washroom and painting the School Room and the Sports Room. We also had the hardwood floors resanded," said Murrin.

Fundraising for the museum began early in the year with two suppers at the Curling Rink with the Chase the Ace draws, the 50’s night in June, chili and clay oven bread in July in conjunction with Old Home Week and we participated in the recent Culture Day event.

Future museum fundraising will be suppers at the Curling Rink and we will have a tree at the Festival of Trees, she stated.

“Some of the artifacts that came in this year were a gramophone from one of our early mayors, a wringer washing machine, wedding dresses, vintage radios, some trophies and plaques, children’s items, cadet uniforms, Hazel Dell school plaques, TD bank things and many smaller items. The museum appreciates the donors for thinking about the museum,” said Murrin.

“We are looking for more people to join the museum board so if interested please contact any board members.

"The museum board would like to everyone for their continued support of the museum and our fund raising efforts," she concluded.