Preeceville bed push continues Telemiracle tradition for 35 years

The Preeceville Hospital’s annual bed push for Telemiracle 44 raised $9,924 on March 5.

This year the bed push celebrated its 35-year anniversary and has surpassed over $200,000 during that time period.

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“The first year we hosted the bed push we faced some challenges with the small wheels on the original bed," said Brenda Lubiniecki, organizer. “The small wheels would get caught in the railroad tracks and would be very difficult to get out. We have evolved and made necessary adjustments and continue to use the same bed today," she said.

“We want to recognize all the people who make this yearly event possible, including the individuals who pushed the bed from Preeceville to Sturgis and to those who are behind the scene. “We are very appreciative to the Preeceville School staff and Grade 6 students, Sturgis staff and students, maintenance who always get the bed ready for us, the Sturgis and District Fire firefighters for accompanying us on the road and most importantly to everyone who donated to support such a worthy cause.”

Participants left the hospital grounds on March 5 determined to continue the annual tradition of the bed push, she said. They were escorted by the Sturgis and District fire rescue unit and followed by the Sturgis Fire truck. The rescue units’ flashing lights and siren signalled to motorists that the bed push was in progress. After canvassing in Preeceville, the entourage made its way along the highway to Sturgis where stopping motorist gave generously.

Upon their arrival approximately four hours later in Sturgis, the group presented a cheque to the Sturgis annual Mini-miracle committee during the annual Kinsmen Mini-miracle. Elaine Christopherson was accompanied by Brenda Lubiniecki on stage to make the presentation.

Those who participated in this year’s event were: Cheryl Walker, Edie Belesky, Brenda Lubiniecki, Elaine Christopherson, Penny Smorodin, Linda Pasiechnyk, Megan Morton Brian Lubiniecki, Jordan Kardynal and Greg Olson.

The Preeceville School students from Grade 6 also helped with the bed push.

The group had collected donations at the hospital before they canvassed in the town of Preeceville and along the highway to Sturgis from passing motorists.

The Sturgis Kinsmen and Kinettes Mini-miracle made its presentation to Telemiracle in Regina on Sunday that included the total amount raised in the Preeceville Hospital bed push.

“We couldn’t do this event year after year without the continued support of the Preeceville Hospital, Lions Hostel staff and families, friends and most important of all, the support and generosity of the community,” Lubiniecki said. “The generosity of people and how it all comes together amazes me every year.”