Preeceville cadet excels at provincial biathlon competition

Eric Prestie, member of the Preeceville 606 Harvard Air Cadets participated and did well at the Saskadet biathlon held February 8 and 9 at Camp Saskadet on Round Lake. He skied and shot at targets to an eighth- place finish out of 50 other competitors from across Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan biathlon championship featured two races that Prestie participated in, an individual race and a two-person relay race.

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On Saturday, Prestie participated in the individual race as he skied a total of six kilometers that was divided into three legs. Between each leg he had to shoot five bullets at a target and with every missed target received a penalty lap of an additional 200 meters of skiing. "I only missed three out of the ten shots so I think I did pretty well,": said Prestie.

On Sunday he participated in the relay race that featured shooting ten pellets and skiing five kilometers. Prestie only missed one out of the ten shots. “I think I would have done better had I not had some gun problems," he said.

"It was a great experience that was a lot of fun. The trails were different and the socializing with new friends was great.”

Almina Kovcic and Janhia Irlandez, also members of the Preeceville Air Cadets, were volunteer staff members at the biathlon.