Preeceville Co-op Home Hardware Hybrid Store becoming a reality

The Preeceville Gateway Co-op Home Centre, C-Store and lumber store in Preeceville is becoming a reality after the official sod turning ceremony was held on August 12.

The site has shown tremendous progress over the last few weeks, stated Brad Chambers, general manager for Gateway Co-op.

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In the spring of 2019, 90 percent of the ground work was done. Topsoil, drainage and elevation were graded and the west side of the yard was improved with building the area up by utilizing the fill taken from the site.

The foundation was finished for the lumber and oil sheds as well as the Home Centre. All electrical was trenched and the pad was poured for the multi-purpose full service pumps. "We went from only being able to serve one customer at one time to now being able to serve four at one time once the centre opens," said Chambers. “The slab has also been poured for the oil and feed shed. The new setup dealing with feed and oil will dramatically change the way we handle product with less labour and less damage.”

The framing for the lumber and home centre has recently been put up with work continuing on putting up the roof and closing the buildings in. Once that is done the work can continue on the inside.

"There has not been much delay in the building work except for a two-week stretch when Sask Power and Sask Energy had a labour dispute,” stated Chambers.

The projected opening of the centre is in spring of 2020.

With the opening of the Centre, Gateway Co-op will be looking to increase its staff.  Interested individuals are encouraged to send in a resume.

“It is never too early to send in your resume,” said Chambers.

On August 2005, the Town of Preeceville acquired the property. It was utilized as housing for local physicians for a brief time before the Federated Gateway Co-op purchased it three years later and in 2012 the Coop put up a card lock with intentions of building a new Home Centre, C-Store and lumber store.