Preeceville Curling rink hosts re-organization meeting

The Preeceville Curling Club held its annual meeting on October 16 with 13 members present and discussions on various topics.

The tradition of curling began in 1934 and has faced many challenges over the 85 years but the passion for curling has remained in Preeceville, according to the new executive.

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The new executive elected for the 2018/19 season will be: Sheldon Luciw, president; Shane Nelson, vice-president and Aggie Dubelt, treasurer.
The secretary opening was not filled and anyone interested in filling the position may contact Luciw, reported Lynn Ager, past secretary.
Directors for the season are: Rene Jakubowski, Juanita Ivanochko and Mike Chalupiak.
The curling rink kitchen will be available again for groups to have suppers for Chase the Ace fundraisers. It was reported that the “curling club did well from helping with the Chase the Ace last year so we will help again this year.  It will be our main fundraiser.
The rink is still taking applications for ice maker and we currently have  someone interested in it the position.”
“The curling rink purchases mesh ice rings so we won't have to paint the rings anymore and we have also bought new removable hacks.”
 Money was donated to the club in memory of Roy Fairburn.

"We will be putting something up in the rink in his memory for all of the time and work he did for the curling club," reported Ager.

Curling is scheduled to start on November 5 and conclude in February 2019.

Monday afternoons will feature a regular four on four or two on two curling. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings will be a regular four on four curling night. Friday is designated as family fun curling night.
The rink will also be hosting two Texas Hold’em poker nights, scheduled for November 10 and January 12.
Flyers will be sent out in the mail advertising the upcoming season.
The seniors bonspiel is set for January 8 to 11 with other bonspiels to be announced at a later date.
The rink will be hosting a kids curling clinic with the date still to be selected.

The Preeceville School and Mackenzie Society will once again be utilizing the rink.

"You can follow the events and activities on the Preeceville Curling Club online," said Ager.

The original curling rink was first proposed by Alfred Buck and Jack Long in the summer of 1934, stated information given in the Town of Preeceville history book. The rink opened on January 4, 1935 with fees set at $5 for those had their own rocks and $8 for those did not own their own rocks. Doug Bentley and his dray of horses hauled hot water from the creamery in three 45 gallon drums to flood the ice.

Curling enthusiasm was so great that another sheet of ice had to be built in 1937. In 1954 the rink built a new rink with three sheets of ice. Artificial ice was installed in 1977 and through the years, considerable work and renovations were done to improve the rink, according to the history book information.