Preeceville family goes kayaking on the Assiniboine

The Nelson family of Preeceville had fun exploring the Assiniboine River as they kayaked and canoed down the river on May 3.

Family members who paddled down the Assiniboine were: Hudsyn and Camryn Nelson who kayaked while Jesse, Trenley and Shannon traveled in a canoe.

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"The river is running quite swift," said Shannon Nelson.

"There were about six or seven spots of rapids and one with being quite a drop. There were no spots along the river that we needed to get out and pull the boats over rocks or land, it’s the perfect time to go," she stated.

The family dipped its kayaks and canoe into the river at the bridge just south of Preeceville and ended at the park in Sturgis. "We stopped a couple times along the way, once to change our seating plans and once for some snacks and to check out all the neat trees and walk a bit. My son, Hudsyn, stopped a few more times along the way to take some pictures of the beauty we are surrounded by. There was a short distance that was not as enjoyable when we went past the lagoon but that only lasted about 10 minutes. It took us four hours from start to finish and we thoroughly enjoyed our trip and time together surrounded by nature," said Nelson.

All three children said that their favourite part was the rapids and expressed plans to try out a few more rivers.

The day before the family adventure, Camryn and Shannon had previously kayaked the same route. "We enjoyed it so much and were so excited when we came back that everyone else wanted to try it out so that’s when we all went on Sunday," said Shannon Nelson.

Nelson stated that previously she had only gone down a river once in a kayak previously and the kids have just kayaked at Nelson Lake.