Preeceville Fire Department plays important role in community

The Preeceville Volunteer Fire Department plays a crucial role in the local community and recently have added another welcome contribution of bringing birthday cheer to children 12 years of age and under.

"The whole idea is to spread some birthday cheer to those children who are having a birthday during this COVID 19 pandemic. We are following suit of other departments who initiated this idea,” said Cliff Prestie, fire department spokesperson.

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It is a way to bring some happiness for children who might not understand why they can not have a regular party with family and friends. The department maintains and follows all guidelines with practicing safe social distancing.

"Driving up to a child's residence with lights and sirens on gives us a great feeling that we are helping to spread some birthday cheer and the look on each face is very heart-warming, " said Prestie.

Children will receive a small trinket and get to meet the fire department members at safe social distancing. For more information, interested individuals are encouraged to contact the department through its Facebook page.