Preeceville graduates to be acknowledged in second best way

The Town of Preeceville and the parents of the 2020 graduating class would like to invite everyone to join them in the presentation of the Preeceville High School graduating class on June 5.

Members of the Preeceville High School 2020 graduating class were: Agamveer Singh, Carter Walker, Claire Giddings, Cody Hort, Crystal Smith, Emily Prestie, James Lagrove, Kirsten Murray, Layne Englot, Morgan Mclean, Morgan Mitchell, Olivia Chornomitz, Ryan Young and Willen Paligan.

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"We are showing our support by honouring the graduates while adhering to the provincial public health guidelines regarding the COVID-19,” stated Andrea Tonn, Town of Preeceville recreation director.

There will be a presentation of the graduates which will start at approximately 5:15 pm at the end of Main Street by the Preeceville Community Hall. In a grand style this presentation with social distancing in mind will continue by automobile down Main Street, then east on the main highway and proceeding to Second Avenue North East.

The graduates will be displaying their graduation attire in their own vehicles.

"We encourage everyone to park along these routes and take a few minutes to show their support by honking their horns, making signs, cheering and waving, while adhering to the social distancing guidelines,” said Tonn.

Once the presentation is complete a curbside pick up will occur where graduates will be treated to a meal which they will take home and enjoy with their families. This meal is available only to the graduates and their families.

"We have many people to thank for showing the graduates support in this most unusual and uncertain of times. A virtual presentation showcasing the grads will be available to the general public at a later date. Please watch for further details as they become available. Please feel free to share this information along as we would like to see as much support as possible for graduates," concluded Tonn.

The scholarships will be handed out at the end of June once everything is finalized, stated Arlene Prestie, Preeceville School teacher and graduate scholarship organizer.