Preeceville graduation video unveiled

The Town of Preeceville hosted a virtual Preeceville graduation video presentation that unveiled the full length video recorded by Thomas Hamilton during the outdoor graduation ceremony on June 5. The unveiling ceremony was held with the Preeceville Elevator as the backdrop.

"Thank you goes out to the graduating class, parents, volunteers and contributors and Thom Hamilton," said Andrea Tonn, Town of Preeceville recreation director.

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"This unique experience for the 2020 grads would have not been possible without the help of everyone involved and I hope that the Preeceville Graduating Class is happy and has no regrets in their decision to participate in the unusual graduation event. It was important that the students know how important they are to the community and how the community is important to them. They may have had the traditional ceremony taken away but I sure hope this one came in as a close second," said Tonn.

“With every Town project there is incredible support from the Town shop crew, and other fellow employees. I feel very fortunate to have been given a chance to work with such good people whom I can always count on. My hope is that the graduating class is as fortunate as I have been in developing good working relationship with other projects and organizations. There are always an incredible number of volunteers involved.  As graduates move forward in life in whatever community they may reside in, my advice is not to forget and to help out and volunteer where they can."

The message for this graduation speech was perhaps from a slightly different perspective.  Tonn feels strongly that the values and lessons taught to graduates their whole life is based on some very simple concepts which will lead to their happiness and success. There is also the realization that happiness and success will differ for everyone. The basic concept of a good work ethic and working hard at whatever they choose to do will go a long way in life. It is important for the youth of today to strive to keep the idea of a strong work ethic in place. Education is important, educating themselves in whatever field they have an interest in, as the power of learning is never wasted. Take time to spend with family and friends, work hard but find a balance by doing things with the people who are important in their lives.

"It is important to show respect and be good to others, say hello, please and thank you, I love you and, I’m sorry. These little things all make a huge difference in other people’s lives.  Be strong and stand up for yourself, don’t let anyone knock you down. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as long as you work really hard to learn from them and correct them if you can. Remember the idea of never looking back but never forgetting where you came from. I received some very sound advice when times were tough and it was ‘don’t look back, you are not going that way,’" Tonn concluded

At the end of the day her simple wish for the graduating class was that this life becomes all that they want it to be.