Preeceville kindergarten class celebrates a milestone

Twelve kindergarten students from the Preeceville School were acknowledged in a unique celebration due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Although we did not finish off the year as I wished we did have some pretty fantastic times together," said Kaylyn Barsby, Preeceville School kindergarten teacher.

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The class could not get together to celebrate the milestone in the students’ lives but Barsby made the acknowledgement as special as she could. She made a slide presentation with all the events and activities the class had participated in and she also made up gift bags for each student. Each family received the presentation as a keepsake for their child.

Members of the Preeceville kindergarten class were: Zachary Durand, Samer Budd, Isaac Johnson, Lane Townsend, Hayley Hartl, Brooklyn Modeland, Chelsa Heskin, Monica Anguluan, Max McLaughlin, Lane Townsend, Sage Ward and Christina Paligan.

The class had fun making memories with participating in the Terry Fox run, created dens for animals and learned what animals hibernate. Class members celebrated Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, and interacted with family members through reading and fun activities and made home made ice cream.

"In kindergarten the class learned many new things like rhyming, letter and number recognition and formation, health topics that included how to be healthy, what to eat to be healthy, making healthy choices and making healthy friendships," said Barsby.

She concluded with a Dr. Seuss quote, "You're off to great places. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting so get on your way."