Preeceville Library welcomes local authors

The Government of Saskatchewan proclaimed October 14 to 20 as Saskatchewan Library Week (SLW) to celebrate the contribution libraries make in the lives of residents. 

The Preeceville Public Library joined in the celebration with a tea and local author day on October 17. Local authors Russell Worobetz of Preeceville and Rhonda Leibel of Usherville were on hand promoting their books.

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Russell Worobetz promoted his book, Gweedo Tell Me About the Good Old Days. Rhonda Leibel promoted her three historical romance novels, Princess Knight, Deep Beauty andContract for Love.

This year’s theme is “Libraries Transform” as libraries can open a world of knowledge to their users, stated the website.
“Libraries provide valuable services in our province and in the many communities they serve as gathering spaces,” said Gordon Wyant, deputy premier and education minister. “I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to visit their local library to explore the programs and resources they have available.”
Saskatchewan Library Week is a province-wide, annual event that promotes the services that more than 1,200 public, school and post-secondary libraries have to offer. The Saskatchewan Library Association (SLA) has proudly presented this week-long celebration throughout the province since 1976.

“The Saskatchewan Library Association is proud to continue supporting Saskatchewan Library Week,” said Alison Jantz, SLA President. “This year, libraries are celebrating this important week with exceptional programming and we congratulate the dedicated library workers for their contribution.”

Where can you borrow a book, read a newspaper or book online, learn to knit, study another language, find resources for newcomers or fill in a job application? The answer is simple, your local library, according to a release from the SLA.

Saskatchewan Library Week (SLW) is a province wide celebration of libraries of all types and sizes and the library workers who operate them. As the premiere program of the SLA, this week of festivities includes special programs province wide, north to south, said the release.

A list of activities is available at the SLA website. 

Returning for the fifth year is the province-wide Book Spine Poetry Contest. Contestants create poetry using the titles written on the spines of physical books and stacking the books on top of one another, according to the release.

For more information please visit the website Many schools participate in the contest through the school library or class projects. The Saskatchewan Library Trustees' Association (SLTA) is also holding a teen essay contest.

The Saskatchewan Library Association has proudly sponsored Saskatchewan Library Week (SLW) since 1976. This province-wide program, which occurs during the third week in October, unites people and libraries in an annual event intended to promote library services and create an awareness of the access to information for cultural, economic, educational, and recreational development that is available to everyone in Saskatchewan.

SLW encourages literacy, brings communities together and brings cultural awareness to the forefront in Saskatchewan. This year’s goals are illustrated by the SLW theme: Libraries Transform.