Preeceville mayor optimist for new year

Preeceville Mayor Ralph Ager gave his projected view for the new year for the Town of Preeceville. Ager was recently elected as the new mayor and took his oath to office in November 2020. While Ager is new to council in the mayor position he had previously been a town councillor for a few years and is very optimist for the future for the Town of Preeceville.

"The year 2020 was a very challenging year for everyone but we are hopeful that the new year will bring about some better times for everyone," said Ager.

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"The major project for the Town was the waste water treatment plant which upgrades the lagoon. For the most part the project is completed with the exception of having to build a fence around the lagoon to help deal with the wildlife issues that we are experiencing. The next project will be the lift station with a new pump and a revamping of the station. The project was previously granted as part of the lagoon project and was just waiting for approval that we just received.

“The Town is overall in good shape as we move forward in the new year. The future infrastructures will help lay the ground work for future development and growth of our community. I would like to see the continuation of the development of the downtown core in the town, especially with the loss of some buildings. We want to work at making Preeceville visually attractive to encourage people to come visit and shop locally with the possibility of moving to the town.

"In our business core of the town we have seen some loss and gain in the business sector but have managed to maintain a steady healthy core. When COVID hit us it was bad for many but it showed a trend of people buying local and supporting our local businesses.

"I would like to see taxes stay the same or even decrease to give more incentives to attract people to our town. As part of making the downtown core more attractive we would like to focus on the Centennial Park located downtown. With the recent removal of another building I would like to see the park expanded and the possibility of more attractive store fronts in the businesses we have in Preeceville.”

Ager also stated that the town has some lots for sale that provide the opportunity for individuals to build their own homes.

"The Lions Family Trails have proven a great addition to our community with offering individuals an opportunity to get outside and focus of their families’ mental and physical health.

"The Town of Preeceville is a great community and I am optimist for the future," Ager concluded.