Preeceville new Gateway Home Centre becoming a reality

The new Preeceville Gateway Co-op Home Centre, C-store and lumber store became a reality with a sod turning ceremony at the card lock location on August 12.

Dignitaries in attendance included Brad Chambers, general manager; Lyle Olson, president; Mayor Garth Harris, Quorex general contractors and site managers.

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On display were the overview plans for the site with details of the complete layout.

"I want to welcome everyone to witness the official movement on the site on our new Home Centre, C-store Hybrid project," said Brad Chambers.

"It is with hard work and insight, and direction from our board that helped to get us to this point.," he said.

Quorex is the general contractor for the project.

Preeceville Mayor Garth Harris gave a brief background history of the site.

"It started back in 2005 when the Town acquired this parcel of property," said Harris. " It was utilized as a housing for local physicians for a brief time before the Federated Gateway Co-op purchased it three years later and in 2012 the Co-op put up a card lock with intentions of building a new Home Centre, C-Store and lumber store. Today's layout for the new store is very impressive and an exciting time for the Town of Preeceville and Gateway Co-op," he said.

Lyle Olson, president of Gateway Co-op acknowledged all board members and delegates. "It has been a long time coming but it is a wonderful future for Co-op," said Olson.

Work on the site began following the sod turning ceremony with cement pillars being put in as part of the initial work.