Preeceville School acknowledges special coach

The Preeceville School acknowledged one of its own teachers for her dedication in the coaching aspect to the sports organizations within the school. Arlene Prestie was presented the Saskatchewan High School Athletic Association Outstanding Female Coach Award. 

“Arlene Prestie is an incredible asset to the Preeceville School staff where she has been working since 1997," said Cary Franklin, athletic director and teacher.

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Prestie was nominated for East Central District Athletic Association's Outstanding Female Coach Award this spring. The award winners were announced in June at the Saskatchewan High School Athletic Association annual general meeting. 

Due to the unusual circumstances this spring, Prestie was presented the award on the first day that all the students were back at school together. 

Prestie is a middle years math and English teacher, and has taught many subjects during her career. She began coaching both volleyball and basketball in 1997, and has coached extracurricular activities for 25 consecutive years.

“Her enthusiasm for the opportunity to work with children in an athletic environment is very admirable,” said Franklin during the award presentation. “Arlene has great relationships with students and continues to foster them beyond the classroom. She works with teams and individuals to develop them, not only as athletes, but as people, incorporating life lessons encountered in the athletic and classroom settings. Her compassion for students during difficult personal times is as impressive as her dedication to skill development and work ethic.”

Prestie wants the best for her students, and sees the best in her students, even perhaps when they don’t themselves.

“She not only has high standards for her students, she holds herself to the same regard,” said Franklin. “She is impeccably organized and prepared for her teams in a manner that creates the most positive seasons possible. She has, and continues to, create opportunities for students to excel in both the academic and athletic environment.  

"It is one thing to coach, but Arlene goes far beyond game day. Her commitment to students is an example to anyone in the province.

“It is with immense gratitude and honour we present Arlene with the Saskatchewan High School Athletic Association Outstanding Female Coach Award. Thank you on behalf of all past, present and future students and athletes that have been and will be fortunate to have your involvement in their academic, athletic and personal development,' concluded Franklin.