Preeceville School completes first phase of library project

The Preeceville School library received new furniture on September 24, made possible through the Crossroads Community Investment Fund contest.

"The first phase was completed with the addition of new furniture. The furniture was delivered on September 24,” said Leslea Hanson, vice-principal.

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The Preeceville School’s 21st Century Learning Centre project was the recipient of the Crossroads Community Investment Fund in October 2018.

"We still have some work to do in order to achieve our full vision. We want to thank Crossroads Credit Union for the opportunity to participate in the Community Investment Fund voting process last year. We value their interest and commitment to our school's students,” stated Hanson.

“As a school, we have been working to facilitate the literacy culture in our school, which has been primarily driven by classroom teachers as they improve their individual reading areas and classroom libraries. Applying for a library makeover was our next step in this process in order to provide the students with a central reading hub which is open and inviting, a place where they can share their reading lives and collaborate with each other," said Hanson.

Crossroads Credit Union representatives taking part in the unveiling of the furniture were: Kristin Olson, Jeff Bisschop, Aspen Boyle and Brenda Yates.