Preeceville School to take over tree lighting ceremony

The Preeceville School will be continuing the tradition of lighting a Christmas tree with bulbs in memory of past loved ones.

The tree lighting ceremony was a fundraiser originally started by the Preeceville and District Musher Rendezvous committee, but since the committee is now disbanded the Preeceville Student Representative Council made the commitment to continue the project. The memorial service is scheduled to take place on December 5 at 7 p.m. at the site of the original tree used for the service in past years. The tree is located at the end of Main Street in Preeceville. After the service guests are invited to the Trinity United Church for refreshments.

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“Our members were in favour of taking this project on as one of our goals for this year, decided at our first meetings, to create and build stronger connections between the community and the school”, says SRC President Kiera Balyski.

“We came up with the Share The Light name to honour the people whose names we will read at the memorial ceremony," said Leslea Hanson, SRC advisor. “We want to take time to remember them and their impact on the people who shared in their lives. Each person was a “light” in someone’s life and, together, their “lights” will continue to shine in this tree. We are grateful to the Town of Preeceville employees, who have contributed time to checking out the tree and preparing it for the lighting ceremony,” stated Hanson.

The proceeds from this fundraiser will go to the Preeceville and District Health Centre, giving back to an essential service in the community. Bulbs can be purchased from any Preeceville School student and the Preeceville School office, as well as the following businesses: Paul’s Drugs, Home Hardware, Pattison Agriculture, Co-op, and Charlene’s Shear Perfection.

There are many ways in which families celebrate Christmas throughout the generations. “Each of us have fond memories of those special ways but other the way we celebrate changes over time, as families grow and families change,” stated Reverend Miles Russell in the 2018 tree lighting ceremony.

“But as this season we not only celebrate in the present, but it seems that it brings up the special memories of celebrating in the past and more than that it reminds us and draws close to our hearts the ones we have celebrated with in the past, but who are also no longer with us.

“Through the placing of Christmas bulbs on the tree in memory of people we love, we raise money for local groups. We also are remembering, honouring and keeping close to our hearts those we have loved who are no longer with us at Christmas or through the year. The symbol we use to remember our loved ones is the light on this Christmas tree,” said Russell.

“The little light in the Christmas tree bulb glows brightly and distinctly against the darkened night sky. It reminds us that the tiniest light has the power to push back the darkness in the world. So, too our love for others, our memories of those we love, shines a light that brightens the dark moments in our lives.

“The Christmas tree light becomes an appropriate symbol, for no matter how you celebrate Christmas, whether it is spiritually or religiously, secularly, family focused or community geared; Christmas is all about the light coming into the world,” he concluded.