Preeceville talent show features 13 performers

The Preeceville and District Mushers Rendezvous kicked off on February 1 with a talent show at the Preeceville Legion Hall where a variety of artists and dancers were featured.

Rhonda Cook and Brittany Halkyard shared emcee duties. Jeannette Jaques, her granddaughter, Shelby Cook and Cook's mother Rhonda sang O Canada prior to the beginning of the talent show.

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Audience members had the opportunity to vote for their favourite act and make donations in lieu of their votes. The Woodland Chorus received the most votes for fan favourite.

"The talents show went over great with a lot of different talent," said Halkyard, one of the organizers.

The Preeceville and Sturgis School students sold paper dogs as a fundraiser and raised a combined $1,400. Students who won $100 for selling the most were Deagan Anaka for Preeceville and Emma Olson for Sturgis. Classes that received a free ice cream party were the Grade 3 class in Preeceville and the combined Grade 3 and 4 class in Sturgis.

Throughout the evening interesting facts of the past 20 years covering the history of the Rendezvous were recalled by Cook and Halkyard.

Studio Dance One Club members performed three dances: creative movement, tap and senior dance.Dancers were: Maggie Bartel, Addison Danielson, Alexis Firman, Emerson Strykowski, Sarah Masko, Avaya Meberg, Hayley Hartl, Brooklyn Modeland, Danae Draper, Arya Couto, Paje Reynolds, Saphira Anaka and Jena Anaka.
Dancers from the Barveenok Dance Club, Lyndon Gawrelitza and Amber MacDonald danced an intermediate Ukrainian dance.
Gawrelitza, Bracyn Konkel and Shaylyn Karcha danced a senior Ukrainian dance. The youngest Ukrainian dancers performed a beginner dance with members, Lindy Romanchuk, Lily Beatty, Hope Omelchuk and Macey Johnson participating.

Ben Karcha, Simon Hanson and Rachel Honig performed musical selections.

Butch Pinaroc sang a solo performance and then was accompanied by his wife Pina Pinaroc in a ballroom dance.

Willie Jakubowski, Jack Jaques and Ray Scarth, also known as the Woodland Chorus entertained the audience with two musical selections.

The evening concluded with a dessert and beverages.