Preeceville Town Council re-opens numerous local facilities

The Town of Preeceville council approved the minutes from the June 17 meeting at the July 15 regular meeting held at the Preeceville Legion Hall.

Council acknowledged that the Preeceville Town office was to re-open to the public as of July 17 and sewer router services performed by the Town Shop staff resumed.

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It was also acknowledged that in accordance with the province’s re-opening plan and guidelines that the Preeceville Lions Park, the trailer court park, the tennis court and the Annie Laurie Beach facility all re-opened to the public.

The wastewater treatment facility progress report provided by Colliers Project Leaders for the period of May 15 to June 14 was acknowledged by council.

Council approved payments to Colliers Project Leaders of $5,620, to MPE Engineering Ltd. in the amount of $22,324 and Acadia in the amount of $809,445.

It was also approved to spend $558,529 which was drawn from the Town's wastewater treatment facility project operating loan with the Crossroads Credit Union to cover account payments for the project. Another $279,129 was drawn from the Town's utility reserve and term deposit at Crossroads Credit Union to cover the Town's portion of account payments.

Council approved the R.M. of Preeceville invoice of $1,075 for additional gravel provided by the RM to add to the grid road to the Town construction site for the wastewater treatment facility.

Council approved a new policy that no dogs be allowed in the Preeceville cemetery and signage was to be put up informing the public.

Reports acknowledged were submitted by the bylaw officer, foreman, mayor, community development, recreation co-ordinator and chief administrator.

A quote provided by Alberta Paving Ltd. to pave the service road abutting the property of 825 to 921 Highway Ave East for $132,000 was accepted.

The asbestos inspection and sampling report provided by Squareone Consulting Ltd. for the building located at 20 Main Street in Preeceville was accepted by the town and was to proceed to complete phase 3 of the asbestos abatement project.

The Municipal Economic Enhancement Program for 2020 funding agreement between the Government of Saskatchewan and Town of Preeceville was approved and funding of $161,694 was used for the Town’s South Service Road, Highway No. 49 Paving project, building demolish and asbestos abatement project.

Summer students hired were Justen Strand as public works intern and Makenna Petryshyn as recreation intern.

Council approved building permits for three constructions of fences, one demolish of a porch and construction of one work shop.